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The South Bay Orthopedic and Sports Medicine team provide ACL reconstructions for patients in San Jose, California. Dr. Samir Sharma and Dr. Kavita Sharma offer comprehensive treatments for ACL injuries, utilizing the latest technology and advancements. For premium orthopedic care, book a consultation online or schedule your appointment over the phone today.

ACL Reconstruction Q & A

What is an ACL reconstruction?

Ligaments are the sturdy bands of tissue that connect your bones. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of two ligaments that cross over in the middle of your knee and connect your shinbone to your thighbone, securing your knee joint.

ACL reconstruction refers to the surgery that replaces a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Your surgeon removes the torn ligament and replaces it with part of a tendon from another area of your knee or from a donor.

ACL injuries typically occur during sports, high-impact physical activities, a fall, or trauma that puts pressure on the knee.

What can I expect during my ACL reconstruction?

First, your South Bay physician conducts an initial consultation to determine whether ACL reconstruction surgery is right for you. To begin the actual procedure, your physician administers local, regional, or general anesthesia to ensure your comfort.

ACL reconstruction surgery is an outpatient procedure performed arthroscopically through small incisions. Your South Bay surgeon makes one incision where they insert a special slender instrument with a video camera, an arthroscope, and other incisions to allow surgical instruments to access the surgical site. The camera transmits the images to a video monitor to help your South Bay surgeon guide the miniature surgical instruments.

Your South Bay surgeon removes the damaged ligament and replaces it with a segment of tendon called a graft. To secure the replacement tendon, your surgeon drills tunnels or sockets into your shinbone and thighbone to correctly position the graft, before securing it with fixation devices or screws. New ligament tissue can grow on the tendon graft.

What can I expect after my ACL reconstruction?

After your ACL reconstruction, you might need to wear a knee brace or splint to protect the graft, and you may need to use crutches for support.

You’ll receive detailed post-surgery instructions on how to help your recovery at home. Rest is a necessity, and many people benefit from elevating the leg that was operated on, applying ice, and applying compression.

To learn more about ACL reconstructions, call the office or book an appointment online.